Spring Safety Checklist

Spring is almost here! Make time to enjoy the blooming trees, flowers, and singing birds, by doing a few easy home maintenance projects from our spring safety checklist now. Our spring safety checklist can give you some ideas to get started and help keep you from forgetting anything important. Spring Safety Checklist Time to start your spring home safety and maintenance projects. Here are some important items to check off your to-do list: Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. The switch to daylight saving time… Read more »

14 Fall Home Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Winter Weather

The three Hs are gone from the Baltimore weather forecast and beautiful fall colors are about to hit the trees. Head outside to enjoy the beauty and use our fall home maintenance tips to prep your home and yard for the cooler temps to come. You’ll be happy you did! Here are 14 tips for your fall home maintenance to-do list: 1. Roof Since Maryland can be a snowy state, it’s a good idea to start your fall home prep by inspecting your roof before… Read more »

Work From Home “Success”

WARNING: This is a deviation from our typical insurance/risk management post! It is also a blatant theft of a very similar piece posted by Neal Freyman, the managing editor of Morning Brew – one of my morning “must-reads” (Don’s referral code – morningbrew.com/daily/r/?kid=c21302). Goldsborough Insurance has been working from home (“WFH”) since only a few short days after Maryland Governor Hogan shut down non-essential offices on March 23, 2020. Yes, insurance was deemed essential, but I felt a civic duty to do my part in… Read more »

Avoid A Rental Truck Nightmare

Moving yourself or your college student? Don’t get caught unprepared at the rental counter. Know what coverage you have and what you need to purchase, before signing the rental agreement, to avoid a rental truck nightmare. Watch the latest episode of INSURANCE SOS and learn tips to keep your family and belongings protected.

What Happens If I’m Hit By An Underinsured Driver?

You have good insurance coverage, what if the person that hits you doesn’t? Maryland is a mandatory vehicle insurance state. Most of us are aware of that because we have registered cars in our home state. What you may not know, is that the Maryland minimum limits are low and insufficient in many cases. If you are hit by an underinsured driver (they are found to be at fault) with Maryland minimum limits, the maximum pay-out on their insurance would be: $30,000 for bodily injury,… Read more »

Who Should Insure the Engagement Ring?

Purchasing an engagement ring is a big decision and you should be equipped with the right information before making your purchase. Here’s a guide on making a purchase that will make your fiancée, bank account, and insurance agent say “Yes!”  Brace the Bank An engagement ring is an investment, and (thankfully) you get to dictate how much you’re willing to risk. According to www.theknot.com, in 2016, the average cost of an engagement ring was $6,163. If that price makes you cringe, no worries—you can still… Read more »

Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can present an invisible threat – one that you might not recognize until the weather starts to warm. By then, the water damage can be significant and costly. Fortunately, keeping your home warmer, at a consistent temperature, and better insulated can help protect your pipes from freezing this winter. Which Pipes Are Most at Risk? Pipes that are most exposed to the elements, including those outdoors and along the exterior walls of your home, may need extra protection during winter months. These include… Read more »

“Mom, I’ve Been in an Accident.”

I got the call that no parent wants to get. My son was in a car accident and was calling me for guidance on how to handle the situation. I work for an insurance company, and even I was caught off-guard when he needed advice. At that moment, I wished that I had run through some basic “street smarts” with him before handing over the keys. Some tips to reinforce with your young driver: Traffic stop – Pull over to the right quickly but safely…. Read more »

College Students – The Not-Quite Independent Adults

In a very short period of time, there are a surprisingly large number of changes in the exposures you now face with your children away at college.  Let’s touch on the three questions we hear most often this time of year with children heading off to be college students. “We spent a small fortune to furnish our college student’s apartment off campus. Does our insurance policy cover this?” In the case of off-campus housing, the answer is often no, especially if your child maintains an… Read more »

Buyer Beware: Spotting a Hurricane-Damaged Vehicle

Harvey and Irma quickly became household names when the storms wreaked widespread havoc on people and property. Although no longer a top news story, unsuspecting car buyers in locations far from those affected by the storms may encounter a hurricane-damaged vehicle for sale by an unscrupulous vendor. VINCheck The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) offers a free service called VINCheck to help the public determine if a car was reported as damaged and subsequently has a branded title; an official damage designation made by a… Read more »