UBER Problems

  You have heard of the manufacturing economy, the services economy and probably the internet economy, but how about the “Gig Economy” or the “Sharing Economy?” The most common businesses falling in the gig economy involve car services such as Uber and Lyft, often referred to as transportation network companies or “TNC’s.” In the sharing economy, homes (Airbnb) are a prominent example, but there is even a toilet sharing service by the name of Airpnp (did you catch the name). As with much of the… Read more »

Prevent Appliance Hose Failure

As the weather turns cooler and inside projects become more attractive, why not replace those old appliance hoses. It’s easy to take them for granted until, when you least expect it, one bursts. If not caught quickly, an appliance hose failure can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Consider your humble washing machine:  According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), washing machine failures cost an average of more than $5,000, and faulty hoses are responsible for more than half of those… Read more »

What are the Protection Issues When You Move Your Home?

We just moved the office (you knew that, right?). It went pretty smoothly thanks to some great vendors and the most on-the-ball staff any business could ask for. In fact, on the Friday we moved I put out a notice to clients and vendors not to expect us “back on line” until noon on Monday. On the very same morning we moved, at 11:45am the staff was taking calls and making policy changes. We were out of reach of our clients for only 3 hours… Read more »

Is your Nest Empty?

In a very short period of time, there have been a surprising large number of changes in the exposures you now face with your children away at college, mostly in the area of health insurance. Let’s touch on the three questions we hear most often this time of year with children heading off to college. “How can I protect myself from being sued should a friend of my son’s get involved in an at fault accident using my car?” As a general rule think of… Read more »

Contractors or Cons

Just last month we had a hail storm in Maryland which caused a significant amount of damage. It also brought the Conman Contractors out of the woodwork. The vast majority of licensed contractors are conscientious small business owners who take pride in their work and understand that satisfied clients are the best source of future business. A few, however, anxiously await these opportunities and often go door-to-door offering to fix roofs, siding and windows in exchange for hefty down-payments or fees that are substantially larger… Read more »

My Name’s Not Ellie

I can always tell when there is a salesman on the office phone, they ask for Ellie. I’m not sure if they have been told to ask for Ellie or if they are just saying “L-E” quickly (from L.E. Goldsborough & Son, Inc.). It gets even more convoluted when they finally figure out that not only is there no “Ellie,” but the owner isn’t even a Goldsborough. L.E. Goldsborough & Son, Inc. has been around since 1947. I purchased the agency from Les, the now… Read more »

How to Save Gas Money on Your Summer Road Trip

Planning a summer road trip? Save some money! This tool can help you plan your trip for maximum fuel efficiency. Calculate your distance, the percentage of the time that you’ll be driving in the city, car make, car model and more to get the most accurate information. Then, check out some gas mileage tips to figure out how to cut down on your usage. Safe Travels! http://www.fueleconomy.gov/trip/

Hurricanes Have Toes!

School is out and summertime is here! It’s time for family vacations, Bar-B-Qs and outdoor fun. Unfortunately, it’s also time to prepare for another Hurricane Season. The recent tornadoes in North Texas and Oklahoma (and reportedly right here in Maryland) as well as the flooding, remind us that storms are scary and unpredictable. The National Hurricane Center predicts an above average storm season this year – I know, don’t they always. But, the truth is it only takes one storm to significantly impact your life…. Read more »

IIHS Safety Ratings: An Important Car-Buying Resource

Are you in the market for a new car? IIHS safety ratings are a good place to start. Check out what the IIHS says about the safety and “crashworthiness” of your options. Select your make, model, and vehicle size to see how the car you want has been rated. http://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings