Hurricanes Have Toes!

School is out and summertime is here! It’s time for family vacations, Bar-B-Qs and outdoor fun. Unfortunately, it’s also time to prepare for another Hurricane Season. The recent tornadoes in North Texas and Oklahoma (and reportedly right here in Maryland) as well as the flooding, remind us that storms are scary and unpredictable. The National Hurricane Center predicts an above average storm season this year – I know, don’t they always. But, the truth is it only takes one storm to significantly impact your life…. Read more »

IIHS Safety Ratings: An Important Car-Buying Resource

Are you in the market for a new car? IIHS safety ratings are a good place to start. Check out what the IIHS says about the safety and “crashworthiness” of your options. Select your make, model, and vehicle size to see how the car you want has been rated.