Right Car. Wrong Driver.

The Situation

The Taylors are your typical Maryland family and they were faced with a daunting challenge: six family members, four of whom are teenagers, on the roads and operating different vehicles. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of time spent in Drivers Education classes! The Taylors also took the responsible step of adding each child to their auto-insurance policy as each became a licensed driver.

What Usually Happens Next

Before switching to Goldsborough, the Taylor’s auto policy received minimal attention from their national insurance company over the years. As their family grew and they purchased new vehicles, their auto policy was not updated properly to accurately reflect which driver was using which vehicle. This lack of attention to detail was costing them thousands of dollars a year and could have been prevented with a single phone conversation and a thorough review of their specific needs.

The Goldsborough Difference

When the Taylors decided to make the switch to Goldsborough, one of the first steps we took was to take a look at the different drivers and which vehicles they were assigned to on their existing policy. After quickly discovering that one of the family’s youngest drivers was incorrectly assigned to the family’s mustang convertible, we did a complete review of their policy from top to bottom. We took all 6 vehicles, evaluated their use, and assigned them to the correct driver. We were able to save the the Taylors almost $1,487 annually on their auto-insurance policy alone. That discovery prompted a review of their entire personal protection account which resulted in discovering three additional discounts.