Rescuing A Restaurant

The Situation

Gary discovers that, due to many financial issues from it’s former owner, he is the new owner of a well known restaurant in a local beach community.  The existing insurance had been cancelled and if he is unable to open during the beach season he won’t have a chance to return the business to profitability.  Gary was in desperate need of an insurance agency that could quickly evaluate his needs and the many risk factors and provide him with an economical insurance solution and get it done quickly!

What Usually Happens Next

Restaurants are some of the most complicated businesses to insure because of the many risk factors and long drawn-out requirements of the few insurance companies who agree to write protection for them. Gary’s efforts to find coverage by contacting direct carriers resulted in being turned away entirely or being told that it would take up to 3 weeks to secure coverage. During that time, Gary’s restaurant would be effectively closed down, losing revenue opportunities at a time it needed it the most.

The Goldsborough Difference

Goldsborough was able to write Gary’s new policies and get his restaurant covered in 24 hours. Because of Don Grauel’s decades of experience working with restaurants, Goldsborough was able to navigate through all of the variables and gain the confidence of a well-respected insurance company. Gary was able to get the business up and running with minimal downtime and generate much-needed revenue.