Invaluable iPhone Video

The Situation

Our client, David purchased his first home and was living in it for over a year when disaster struck. Due to the carelessness of one of his neighbors, a fire destroyed over 80% of David’s home while he was traveling on business. David lost almost everything in the fire and was faced with the task of cataloging all of the different possessions he lost to report to his insurance company.

What Usually Happens Next

The typical insurance company wants to issue you a check for your lost valuables as soon as possible. They are counting on the fact that you’ll most likely forget to include everything when recalling from memory. By pushing you through the process, the odds are that you’ll remember possessions later that you’ll have forgotten to put in your initial claim. But by that point, it’s too late to add the forgotten items and they truly become lost.

The Goldsborough Difference

David chose Don Grauel for his insurance needs after receiving a referral from a family friend who had used Goldsborough for over 20 years. During one of Don and David’s first meetings after the purchase of the home, Don recommended that David  take twenty minutes to walk through each room of his new home and catalog items using video. With that information documented, David was able to submit a comprehensive and complete claim. Taking the simple step of conducting a video catalog helped ensure that David’s insurance policy fully replaced what he had lost.