A Flood Of Trouble

The Situation

Our client, John, and his family of four, came home after an overnight coaching trip with his son’s baseball team to a nightmare every homeowner dreads: A pipe had burst on the second floor of his home.  Water was literally cascading down the steps to the foyer when they entered their home.  Wood floors were ruined and much of the first floor ceiling was collapsing. There was also  severe water damage to furniture and other property. Responding to the situation quickly and efficiently would be critical to minimizing the damage, so John contacted Terri at Goldsborough to get the restoration process started.

What Usually Happens Next

Typically, John would call a 1-800 number and have to report the incident to an employee located in another state. That employee would then open a claim and the process of sending a contractor to the home would begin. The elapsed time from John’s first call to when the restoration process would begin and how many people John would have to contact would be extensive.

The Goldsborough Difference

John called Goldsborough and reached Terri by 8:00am. Due to Terri’s rapid response, a licensed contractor was at John’s home by 8:45am and by 10:45am fans were starting to treat the affected areas. While we couldn’t prevent the damage to John’s home, Terri was able to get him and his family on the road back to “normal” that much faster.