My Name’s Not Ellie

I can always tell when there is a salesman on the office phone, they ask for Ellie. I’m not sure if they have been told to ask for Ellie or if they are just saying “L-E” quickly (from L.E. Goldsborough & Son, Inc.). It gets even more convoluted when they finally figure out that not only is there no “Ellie,” but the owner isn’t even a Goldsborough.

L.E. Goldsborough & Son, Inc. has been around since 1947. I purchased the agency from Les, the now 84-year-old “son,” back at the turn of the century. With my love of tradition, it never crossed my mind to change the name. It was well known and respected in Baltimore and it simply worked. But, I’m also a firm believer that “if it ain’t broke you just haven’t looked at it closely enough” and we (along with some talented marketing folks at Ainsley & Co.) realized that L.E. Goldsborough & Son, Inc. needed a little updating. To start, our name didn’t say a word about what we did. In fact, folks often asked if we were lawyers or accountants. So we undertook a re-branding of the agency.

Going forward, we will be known as “Goldsborough Insurance.” The logo has been updated, and we are just about to re-launch a new website which more closely tracks with our core values.

In a time when mega direct writing insurance companies are spending billions of dollars a year trying to convince you that your insurance protection can be “boxed” or all your protection issues can be resolved in a 15-minute phone call, we found ourselves returning to the core beliefs Leslie E. Goldsborough Sr. held in 1947; to properly protect what you value most, your family, your home and your business, a well thought-out plan from someone who cares about you is the best protection you can get.

We have certainly adapted as needed. For example, technology is a big part of our operations today, but it’s for the back room, not as much for dealing with clients. The phones are still answered personally by people you know and trust who place your protection with the carrier that fits you best rather than fitting you into the insurance carriers’ box.

In the end, we felt the need to re-enforce to our clients, prospects, partners, insurance carriers and friends that our core values have not changed. Knowing our clients allows us to construct specific-customized solutions for families and businesses.