Preferred Partners

We are proud of everything that we offer our clients. When the unexpected happens you can rely on us. Our job is to protect what matters most to you and with our partners we can do just that.

  • Brooks Financial

    Telephone: 410-308-9800

    For many years we treated health insurance, life insurance and group benefits as something for the “other agent” to handle for our clients.  Over time we discovered that our clients were lacking the guidance and service commitment that we would expect. We resolved that by working with Brooks Financial as our exclusive benefits partner.

  • Founders Financial

    Telephone: 410-308-9988
    Toll Free: 888-523-1162

    Closely related to Brooks Financial, Founders is the Financial Planning partner for our clients.  Focused attention to marrying the business and personal financial goals of our clients is what continues to impress us most about Founders.

  • CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Sheild

    Price out the cost of a family/individual policy here with the largest network of doctors and the least volatile pricing on the street.  We recommend the search for the best value in health insurance start with CareFirst.

  • Wallach & Company, Inc.

    Telephone: 800-237-6615

    Travel insurance has gained significant prominence beyond the occasional vacationer. Students abroad, mission trips, hosting of foreign students.  Each of these call for unique insurance offerings that shouldn’t be left to a non-licensed individual (eg – travel agent) to figure out.

  • Penn Mutual

    Toll Free: 1-800-523-0650